Project 52

This last year I came across a fabulous Mommy-photographer-DIYer-and all around great person that opened my eyes to the Project 52 idea. Thank you Shawna from styleberryblog. What a beautiful way to chronicle the year and share the feelings that only motherhood can open your soul to. I want my daughter to know what joy she brings into our lives and the lessons she teaches us. I don't want to miss one minute of it or let these sweet memories fade. This is for you Aubrey... My daughter, my joy, and my life.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

52:19 | simple

I come home from work to find this in the middle of my kitchen floor! Oma got her all set up and she played for a good hour and a half. I had to refill her warm water three times. All the toys in the world and this is all it takes to make her happy. Keep it simple.

We're on the home stretch at work right now. Three more weeks then two and a half months off. I CAN'T WAIT! We have a wedding in June, Mommy will have surgery on her leg late June, family coming to visit, and other than that... Who knows. And I like that. Last summer was so busy-cross country trip, Daddy's surgery, Aubrey's birthday, Unka Bob in the hospital then passing away. This summer I want easy and mellow. I'm sure I'll find something to get into. Maybe some house painting? Maybe not? We'll see...


  1. Hi Marylin,
    I recently migrated my blog from blogger to wordpress so I'd really apprecaite if you'd update the link to my P52 (you've been linked in mine every week since the second post)to really enjoying your posts.