Project 52

This last year I came across a fabulous Mommy-photographer-DIYer-and all around great person that opened my eyes to the Project 52 idea. Thank you Shawna from styleberryblog. What a beautiful way to chronicle the year and share the feelings that only motherhood can open your soul to. I want my daughter to know what joy she brings into our lives and the lessons she teaches us. I don't want to miss one minute of it or let these sweet memories fade. This is for you Aubrey... My daughter, my joy, and my life.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

52:18 | bumpy

She's going to get hurt. It's a fact of life... Period... I know this but it still hurts me every time.
 Big hurts or little hurts they all cut through me like a knife.
She's a trooper though. She shakes it off and moves on to her next adventure. This boo boo was the result of little miss priss dropping the lid to the ice chest on her nose. Ouch.

Aside from all the wonderful things motherhood has taught me, I've also learned just how dangerous every day life can be. It's amazing how you look at your surroundings differently when you have this precious little person to keep safe. I get crazy looks sometimes from people that aren't yet parents and I think to myself "just wait, you'll see".   


  1. That's exactly what I tell all my friends that don't have kids and tell me I'm do cautious...