Project 52

This last year I came across a fabulous Mommy-photographer-DIYer-and all around great person that opened my eyes to the Project 52 idea. Thank you Shawna from styleberryblog. What a beautiful way to chronicle the year and share the feelings that only motherhood can open your soul to. I want my daughter to know what joy she brings into our lives and the lessons she teaches us. I don't want to miss one minute of it or let these sweet memories fade. This is for you Aubrey... My daughter, my joy, and my life.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Project 52:1 | persistent

She's 2 1/2 and knows what she wants. What can I say? She's her mother's daughter. Her current fixation is the pair of shoes that match her Christmas dress. A pearlescent ivory pair that she wants to wear EVERYWHERE. It won't be long before mama doesn't have a say anymore. She's growing up so fast but each day brings more joy and wonder than the day before. Slow down baby girl... Just a little...


  1. Your daughter sounds like how I think our 7-month old daughter will be! My Project 52 post was about our "sleepless nights" with our daughter who is teething at Linked you to my Project 52 blog! Hope you can link me too.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful! Linked you already. I look forward to following you :)